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HR Series

HR Series

  • Speedy and simple to install
  • Custom lengths available
  • Available with or without a D-Ring
Re-Roof Strap

Re-Roof Strap

  • Engineered specifically for the roofing industry
  • Proprietary webbing design with no imitators
  • Cost-effective, versatile attachment point

Welcome To Safe-T-Strap

At Safe-T-Strap, we don't want our safety lanyards and tie down anchors to just meet the bare minimum requirements for fall protection. That's why we work tirelessly to provide our customers with ultimate safety solutions that go far beyond regulation minimums for various products.

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Your safety depends on quality. You need the best solutions for optimal protection, and we can provide all the necessary safety equipment to make your job site the safest it has ever been. The importance of a safety lanyard and of tie down anchor equipment is not to be taken lightly, as the presence of these important safety tools can be the one thing standing between your workers and their security.

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