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Safe-T-Strap Horizontal Life Line System

A Static Horizontal Life Line System is created by combining two High Rise Safe-T-Straps or two Industrial Safe-T-Straps, and then attaching a Static Line in between. By combining these two straps, you have a complete Static Horizontal Life Line System that workers can be attached to. It creates a greater flexibility in the manner in which the straps provide support for the workers at your job site, and allows room for the subtle differences in safety needs that come with varying projects.

Like all our safety equipment, the system is easy and efficient to use, ensuring that no time is wasted in its installation. This means that the focus is never lifted from the job itself, and complete safety becomes a given with our equipment.

The system is installed in minutes, and is very effective for tradesmen working in an area where a fall hazard is present.

Static Horizontal Lifeline System Application :
  • Used For: Horizontal Life Lines, Movable for Columns & Walls.
  • Item No. SL-01 - Available length: 20ft or 30ft.