Life Line Equipment and Life Line System Services

At Safe-T-Strap, we are committed to providing the best life line system solutions for your project. In addition to providing CSA-Certified straps, we can produce made-to-order travel restraint / fall arrest life line equipment. We share our expertise through a number of services dedicated to ensuring worker safety.

Choosing the right safety straps is just the beginning. Life Line equipment must be placed and used correctly in order to be effective. Building on our top-quality products, Safe-T-Strap offers training and consulting services to help you get the most out of our life line equipment. Our safety experts will ensure your travel restraint/fall arrest life line system is ideally set up to perform at its best, protecting your most valuable possession: your life.

For more information on how our team can help you place, install, and train workers, contact us today.

Safe-T-Strap Life Line Equipment Training Services

Safe-T-Strap offers on-site training and certification for installers and instructors. We will show you how to use safety straps efficiently: how to fit them and how to use the features of your particular travel restraint/fall arrest life line system. Our patient, knowledgeable trainers will take the time to ensure you understand everything you need to in order to keep workers safe.

Safe-T-Strap Life Line Equipment Location Consulting

Correctly placing your safety straps within the work site is essential to their effective use. Incorrect placement will only hinder the efficacy of the equipment, and it is important that you and your team are well aware of the most efficient placement possibilities. Our experts at Safe-T-Strap will happily consult to ensure your straps are properly fixed, to maximize the safety benefits you receive from our tools.

Site-Specific Line Life System Engineering

Not all work sites are the same, nor do they have the same safety requirements. For such unique setups and individual purposes, Safe-T-Strap can help facilitate custom-engineered travel restraint/fall arrest systems. Taking the unique complexities of your construction site into consideration, we will design the highest quality solutions that will ensure a safe and comfortable environment at your job site, whether it be residential, low-rise, or high-rise.